A building project is a big undertaking! This page will help answer some questions you may have. If you do not see info on a question you have please check back as this page will continue to be updated through the duration of the project. 

Red Staircase


How long will the project take to complete?

The project is expected to take anywhere from 1-2 years.


When would the project start?

As of right now there is no official start date. We will keep you updated as we move forward through the process.

Four Gray Buildings
Event Tent


Where will services be held while the project is in construction?

Services will either be held on the lot across the street or in our church parking lot.


What type of weekly retail spaces will we be building?

We’re excited to be building a church run coffee shop that will operate throughout the

week, as well as a Thrift Store. The Thrift store will also help to fund and operate our

church clothes closet where we will give free clothes to our community. The third retail

space will be a Barber Shop. Together, these three spaces will be avenues in which we

serve our local community in tangible ways throughout the week.

Reading a Book
Construction Worker


Will this project be a remodel or a rebuild?

This project will be a massive remodel to our existing church building. We want to build

on the beautiful history that Rise City Church is founded upon. (Take a deep breath, the

stained glass is staying!)


Will we have an opportunity to give financially towards the project?

Yes! Please select the VISION 2022 Offering on our giving page. This is a special opportunity to partner with what God is doing in this next season here at Rise City Church. We are asking you to pray and even fast about what God is asking you to give

in this season above and beyond your normal tithe. We are excited and expectant to see

what the Lord is going to do through your generosity!

Growing Plants
Volunteers on Construction Site


How will the project be funded?

The majority of the project will be funded through the sale and partnership between the church and a Bay Area Non Profit. The Non Profit will provide anywhere from 60-100 Affordable Housing units in our city. This is just one of the ways we want to raise up our city. In addition, a small amount will need to be raised for furnishings, fixtures, and equipment.


What will happen to the outreaches we currently do on the lot?

Our outreaches aren’t going anywhere! But the way we do them might be reimagined in

the coming years. We have spoken with city officials who have even said we could host

our outreaches right in Downtown Redwood City! Whether we shift things to our church

parking lot or a Downtown Area, God is already preparing ways for us to continue doing

even greater outreaches for our local community!

Volunteers Packing Food


When will we get to see what the remodel will look like?

As of right now we have some very simple sketches. In the next weeks and months to come we will move forward with

more in depth architectural plans. This is the fun part, we can’t wait to show you what the architect has been dreaming up!