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1. Write on an 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper “Prayer-a-van” so we know you’ll be joining us. Put it on the dash of your car and one on your back window.

2. Drive to the Rise City Church Parking Lot at 12 PM and park your vehicle in a parking space. 

3. Please remain in your car at all times, the church building will remain closed, including use of restrooms. 

4. There will be a car marked “Lead Car” which is the car that will be leading us through the city.

5. If you get lost or separated, it’s okay! We will provide you with our driving route so you can pray at all target points. 

6. We want to encourage worship music to be played in your car! Let’s set an atmosphere of praise & worship as we declare life over our city! 

7. Lastly, feel free to share your prayer-a-van drive with others on social platforms and use the tag #prayeravan 

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